Works of Fiction – 3

Naked Death


A death in the hospital is sad but not unexpected at times. A man found dead outside of the treatment areas is unusual, however. The circumstances are even more uncommon when the man is naked and cannot be identified. At this point, Tom Bolling, chief of staff at New City Hospital in Cincinatti gets involved. He determines the man’s dath was a murder and he involves his friend, Homicide Detective Ron Looney, to take on the resolution of the case. Tom has his hands full with managing release of information and evaluating the quality of care issues raised by the investigation. The detectives, Ron Looney and Gene Novalchek, are initially stymied by their inability to indentify the dead man; once they do, however, they find themselves going deeper into a major corruption scheme. Then, players unknown to the detectives attempt an intricate murder scheme but their attempt is blown up at the last second and the detectives are alerted. With that new information the detectives become aware of potential involvement of public figures and a large amount of money. The interplay among the various figures and their avoidance of the police requires the detectives to widen their perceptions of complexity and their geographic responsibilities to solve the murder and bring the culprits to justice.


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